Tea x3 Sampler Bundle: Health Teas

These very special teas are cherished for their powerful health benefits.

3 packages of 2 oz each, this bundle includes:

China: Premium Pu-Erh Fermented Tea

Japan: Org. Roasted Kukicha Twig Tea

Kenya: Nandi Hills Whole Leaf Purple Tea


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These very special teas are cherished for their powerful health benefits.  From the age-old tradition of artisanal fermented tea Pu-erh, to the low-caffeine and high-antioxidant “Twig Tea,” or Kukicha, to the exciting new hybrid “Kenyan Purple Tea” with giant leaves and loads of anthocyanins, all the teas in this sampler bundle will promote health and reduce harmful elements in your body.

3 packages of 2 oz each, this bundle includes:


China: Pu-Erh, Golden Competition Quality, Fermented Tea

This fermented tea is unlike anything else we carry. Pu-Erh teas contain complex cooperative molds and bacteria that transform the leaves with age, lifting out incredible flavors and unlocking curative qualities.  They are revered for their medicinal benefits, cutting cholesterol, aiding digestion, warming the body, dispelling the effects of alcohol, and refreshing the mind.

To really unlock the secrets of this mysterious tea, prepare it in the traditional Chinese way – a series of small cups, mindfully sipped and shared with friends.  Deep dark red, with a dense aroma reminiscent of fertile earth and lush forest, surprisingly sweet and buttery, and with subsequent re-steeping, spicy cedar and pear emerge in the second cup, gradually change to charcoal and port wine, smoky oak, and eventually mellow out into a more familiar malty black tea taste. Enjoy up to 8 distinctly delicious cups as you savor all the interesting flavors.  Read more about this robust artisanal fermented tea.

Steeping Time – 30-60 seconds

Water Temp – 212 F

Fermented exceptional quality tippy black tea.


Japan:  Org. Roasted Kukicha Twig Tea

Kukicha – “twig tea” – is frequently enjoyed as a health tonic due to its high antioxidants and low caffeine.

Twigs and stems of the tea plant, mostly byproducts removed from the leaves during processing. But this very mild tea is recommended by those who follow a macrobiotic diet (which stems from “yin and yang” ideas of Chinese Taoism and Japanese Zen Buddhism) as a balancing and restorative elixir, and it is sometimes mixed with fruit juices to provide healthy nutrients to young children.

This Roasted Kukicha is really yummy! The roasting adds more robust and well-rounded flavors, appealing more to Western tastes. It is still a very mild tea, with pale orange liquor and a subtle aroma, easy on the belly, calming and warming rather than stimulating. Flavors tend toward nutty with subdued notes of cedar, cantaloupe, jasmine, plus a unique tone that stands out compared to other teas – rich and buttery oats.  Read more about this mild medicinal tea.

Steeping Time – 3-7 minutes

Water Temp – 170 F

Subtly roasted organic green tea twigs


Kenya: Nandi Hills, Tumoi Co-op, Whole Leaf Purple Tea

This exciting new tea is unlike any the world has seen before!  Selectively bred from wild mutations discovered in China and India, Kenyan Purple Tea is a new varietal developed for high sun and high altitudes, plants adapted to shield their leaves with deep purple anthocyanins, the same powerful antioxidants that give blueberries their famous health benefits.  Combined with other powerful protective antioxidants, Kenyan Purple Tea boasts significantly more health benefits than ordinary green or black teas.

Impressive, colossal leaves make a charming pale purple-tinged, full-bodied liquor and enticing subtle floral aroma.  Novel flavor profile – distinctly leafy (high chlorophyll content) but not grassy, with a hint of malty and nutty tones.  The astringency level is perfect, feels good in the mouth, dry but sweet.  Read more about this exceptional specialty tea.

Steeping Time – 3 minutes

Water Temp – 180 F

Whole leaf Kenyan Purple Tea

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