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Nicaraguan Washed Processed

Nicaraguan RFA Selva Negra – Washed Processed

New 2023 Crop! 
A very nice and super fresh batch of their traditional farm aggregate. A little hint of citrus floral upfront balanced with nice complex malty tones. Great everyday drinker at a medium roast, balanced with a sweet edge. A heftier cup at the darker roasts and equally as tasty, fuller bodied with strong malty and smoky tones but still retains that sweeter edge to it.


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Nicaraguan Honey Processed

Nicaraguan RFA Selva Negra – Honey Processed

New 2023 Crop! 
A nice medium to dark roast more potent Nicaraguan offering. Medium to full bodied with just a little hint of acidity. Strong Medium roasts were our favorite with thicker more complex malty tones, a sweet edge, hints of herbal spice and almost no acidity, a good daily drinker being very smooth.  Darker roasts produce a similar cup but turn it semi-sweet with complimenting smoky tones, not quite as smooth but has the heft many darker roast fans will love.


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Nicaragua coffee estate in the rain


Nicaraguan Selva Negra coffee is cultivated in the most ecologically sustainable and socially responsible way possible.  Learn more by reading our Selva Negra Grower Profile. Selva Negra’s history is in many ways the history of the coffee in Nicaragua altogether. In the 1880’s the Nicaraguan government invited young German immigrants to come and settle in Nicaragua …

nicaragua coffee mug

Sale! Nicaragua Jinotega Paraiso Org SHG EP coffee beans

Nicaraguan Org. SHG EP Jinotega Paraiso

Great Buy! Regular Price $5.99/lb
Best at a medium to dark roast. fuller bodied with rich malty semi-sweet undertones, a little hint of lemony citrus at the medium roast level when fresh but a low acidity offering overall, can bring out a little hint of caramel and slight floral overtones, a little sweeter and smoother cup. Will get a little smoky edgy aftertaste once touching second crack if drank too quickly, a couple day setup smooths it out greatly.


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Sale! Costa Rican – Las Lajas Micromill – Finca El Guachipelin – “Perla Negra” (“Black Pearl”) Natural Green Coffee Beans

Costa Rican – Las Lajas Micromill – Finca El Guachipelin – “Perla Negra” (“Black Pearl”) Natural

Intro Special! $10.99/Lb Regular Price
A stellar fruit forward cup of coffee. Similar to last season, this cup is smoother and a little more delicate but contains much of the same flavors our Lajas natural fans are used to. Super clean, medium bodied with some decent acidity and strong fruity and boozy tones.

Lighter roasts are higher acidity with a strong fruitiness. Citric, floral and fruit will dominate the lighter roast tastes. Gives the cup some great sweetness and pops right out those natural processed tones many love. Pulls just a pinch of balance with a malty, oak like darker tone.  Medium roasts smooth out the wild fruity and acidic tones, builds more of a malty/chocolaty tone in the cup with the fruit/floral highlights.  The cup retains a more refined tart red fruit note (think cranberry) up until 2nd crack. A bit of a barrel aged taste as the cup cools throughout the roast points. 


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Sale! Honduran Comsa Green Coffee Beans

Honduran Org SHG EP COMSA Washed Processed

Regular Price $6.79/Lb
This cup is nice and chocolaty, lower acidity and medium bodied. A little sweeter edge to it except for super dark roasts. Besides a chocolaty factor one will get some nutty/caramel/floral like tones at the medium roast points, gives it some nice complimenting depth without being too exotic. We all thought it was at its best right around a full city – smooth without too much of a roasty note and great chocolaty tones.


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Indonesian Bali Blue green coffee beans

Indonesian Bali Blue Moon RFA Org.

A very rich, strong and smooth cup. A cousin to Sumatra or Sulawesi coffee; Blue Moon always is a bit smoother without as much peaty earthiness, or swampy fruit. A sweeter cup for an Indo with malt, chocolate with a little traditional earthy terroir of the wet-hulled Indonesians. Fuller bodied, a little hint of acidity at a medium roast, a definite go to for our strong-medium or dark roasts here at Burman Coffee. Pulls some molasses undertones as ones pushes into second crack roasts.  Hints of slight smoky tone at darker roast.


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Indonesian Bali Kintamani Natural RFA Org. Green Coffee Beans

Indonesian Bali Kintamani Natural RFA Org.

Very fermenty/fruity, lower acidity with good body, a wild old world natural processed. This crop year is a little more traditional Indonesian coffee but roasts nicely, thick and creamy with a sweet edge; hints of acidity and strong fruit/oaky tones on a more nutty/earthy/chocolaty profile. No missing the wild side in this cup. Medium to dark roasts are where one should shoot, mutes some nutty tones and pronounces the chocolaty factor, still plenty of wild natural processed tones in the cup. Dark roasts will introduce some smoky accents but retain great sweetness. A great balance of slow dried natural with thick and creamy dark tones all in one cup.


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beautiful views of mountains, Nicaragua Selva Negra coffee estate

Nicaragua’s Selva Negra: Inspiring Model for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Artisanal Coffee

Nicaragua’s Selva Negra / La Hammonia Estate:Where old world tradition meets new world experimentation in a holistic community of sustainability. One of Nicaragua’s first coffee estates has maintained its village-like atmosphere and traditional German animal husbandry while updating its operations with the latest advances in boutique coffee processing and a wide range of innovative and …

3 lb bundle decaf coffee beans

3 lb Bundle: Decaf

Three individual pounds, this bundle includes: 
Decaffeinated Colombian Royal Select MWP
Decaffeinated Brazil Sul De Minas – Serra Negra MWP
Decaffeinated Peru Org – Royal Select MWP


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Burman Coffee Traders 3 pound Value Coffee Bundle

3 lb Bundle: Tasty Value Coffees

All very fresh coffee, current or new crop. Great premium screens on Co-op and Mill production coffees. Larger production coffees keep the costs down. Although these are not single farm micro lots, they are very tasty coffees giving the true terroir of their production areas and producing nations. A pleasure to drink and 100% responsibly sourced.

Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Brazil Mogiana Guaxupé 17/18 FC SS
Honduran Org SHG EP COMSA Washed Processed
Colombian Supremo BCT Select


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3 lb bundle special coffee beans

3 lb Bundle: Special

Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Timor-Leste Letefoho – Natural Processed
Ethiopian Guji Org. Natural Gr. 1 – Kayon Mountain Shakiso
Indonesian Bali Kintamani Natural RFA Org.

Features three of our more interesting coffees. Higher acidity, interesting processing, this bundle is leaning towards more exotic coffee tones.


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Cup of dark roasted coffee surrounded by coffee beans

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Washed Gr. 2 Green Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Worka Chelchele – Washed Gr. 2

Good from light to dark but we thought best at a strong medium to dark roast. Light roasts are more citric and floral with wonderful aromatics a sweet edged, a bit punchy in the citric department and very little of that wonderful chocolate tone that fuller roasts will bring. Medium roasts will bring some lovely balance to the cup, less aromatic than the light roasts, but you can still tell you have a nice Ethiopian with one sniff. A pinch of crispness upfront on top of a well developed chocolaty base tone. A unique spice note pops out, a stretch for some, but we would say slightly minty. Darker roasts are real robust, strong and semi-sweet, more bakers-chocolate like with tea like spice in the aftertaste.


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Coffee Review: Zambia Mafinga Hills A very similar cup profile to a Kenyan/Tanz coffee but a bit milder. Very nice prep and screen size on these beans. The Mafinga Hills in Zambia’s Northern Province are home to the country’s highest peaks, where altitude and ancient volcanic soils help produce the sweet citrus flavor profiles that …

Hands holding coffee cherries

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In the most recent annual forecast for 2020/21, the International Coffee Organization estimates over 10.5 million tons of coffee beans will be produced worldwide. A small proportion of these coffee beans will be grown and harvested adhering to fair trade standards. This coffee is known as fair trade coffee.  When you go to purchase coffee …

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