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Nicaragua coffee estate in the rain


Nicaraguan Selva Negra coffee is cultivated in the most ecologically sustainable and socially responsible way possible.  Learn more by reading our Selva Negra Grower Profile. Selva Negra’s history is in many ways the history of the coffee in Nicaragua altogether. In the 1880’s the Nicaraguan government invited young German immigrants to come and settle in Nicaragua …

nicaragua coffee mug

Sale! colombia santander kachalu

Colombian RFA Org. Santander Kachalu

Regular Price $6.99/lb
Good from light to dark, a solid medium roast was our favorite. Medium bodied with low acidity, a creamy and smooth cup. Sweet edged with good depth of flavor. Classic and rich nutty/chocolaty tones with a hint of caramel. A cup anyone will love. Light roasts add a little hint of floral, darker roasts are stronger and more semi-sweet, we did not find a roast we didn’t like. A fun coffee to play with roast level.  


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Sale! Honduras COMSA Org SHG EP coffee beans

Honduran Org SHG EP COMSA Washed Processed

Regular Price $6.65/lb
This cup is nice and chocolaty, lower acidity and medium bodied. A little sweeter edge to it except for super dark roasts. Besides a chocolaty factor one will get some nutty/caramel/floral like tones at the medium roast points, gives it some nice complimenting depth without being too exotic. We all thought it was at its best right around a full city – smooth without too much of a roasty note and great chocolaty tones.


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Sale! Indonesia Bali Kintamani Natural RFA Org coffee beans

Indonesian Bali Kintamani Natural RFA Org.

Regular Price $6.99/lb
Very fermenty/fruity, lower acidity with good body, a wild old world natural processed. This crop year is a little more traditional Indonesian coffee but roasts nicely, thick and creamy with a sweet edge; hints of acidity and strong fruit/oaky tones on a more nutty/earthy/chocolaty profile. No missing the wild side in this cup. Medium to dark roasts are where one should shoot, mutes some nutty tones and pronounces the chocolaty factor, still plenty of wild natural processed tones in the cup. Dark roasts will introduce some smoky accents but retain great sweetness. A great balance of slow dried natural with thick and creamy dark tones all in one cup.


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beautiful views of mountains, Nicaragua Selva Negra coffee estate

Nicaragua’s Selva Negra: Inspiring Model for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Artisanal Coffee

Nicaragua’s Selva Negra / La Hammonia Estate:Where old world tradition meets new world experimentation in a holistic community of sustainability. One of Nicaragua’s first coffee estates has maintained its village-like atmosphere and traditional German animal husbandry while updating its operations with the latest advances in boutique coffee processing and a wide range of innovative and …

3 lb bundle popular coffee beans

3 lb Bundle: Popular

Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Guatemalan Premium Antigua Los Volcanes
Colombian Tolima Supremo
Honduran Org SHG EP COMSA Washed Processed


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Cup of dark roasted coffee surrounded by coffee beans

Coffee Reviews by Burman Coffee Traders


Coffee Review: Zambia Mafinga Hills A very similar cup profile to a Kenyan/Tanz coffee but a bit milder. Very nice prep and screen size on these beans. The Mafinga Hills in Zambia’s Northern Province are home to the country’s highest peaks, where altitude and ancient volcanic soils help produce the sweet citrus flavor profiles that …

Hands holding coffee cherries

What is Fair Trade Coffee & How it Differs From Direct Trade?

In the most recent annual forecast for 2020/21, the International Coffee Organization estimates over 10.5 million tons of coffee beans will be produced worldwide. A small proportion of these coffee beans will be grown and harvested adhering to fair trade standards. This coffee is known as fair trade coffee.  When you go to purchase coffee …

Uganda landscape


Buy Nicaraguan green coffee beans if you’re looking for a coffee that’s globally renowned for complex and well-balanced flavors. Nicaraguan coffee has a smooth medium body, moderate to bright acidity, and a crisp, fruity finish. Flavor notes range from caramel, chocolate, and nuts, to citrus and floral.

home coffee roasting primers from BCT

Guide to Coffee Processing Methods

  Skip to:Washed Processing Natural Processing Semi-Washed ProcessingExotic ProcessingDecaf. Processing More Information: What is Home Roasting?What is Green Coffee? What are Green Coffee Beans?What are Qualities of Good Coffee?How to Choose Green Coffee Beans?All Home Coffee Roasting Primers Get Started:Home Roasting for BeginnersBuy Premium Green Coffee BeansBuy Home Coffee Roasters Coffee flavor profiles vary so …

Sale! Nicaragua Washed Selva Negra San Felipe Geisha & Caturra coffee beans

Nicaraguan SHG RFA Selva Negra – San Felipe Geisha & Caturra – Washed Processed

Low Stock Blowout – Only 10 Pounds Left – Regularly $7.29/lb
A very tasty cup but not super closely link to a top end Geisha, not a bad thing but just so you know what to expect. A blind tasting of this cup reminds me more of a Costa Rican than a traditional Nicaraguan or Ethiopian like Geisha coffee as the naming might suggest.

This cup is sweet, medium to low acidity with a chocolaty and floral cup profile. Best served in the medium to dark roast ballpark. The chocolatiness can come off a bit malty the darker you roast, more like Selva’s other beans at the fuller roasts but the cup definitely separates itself with the more floral attributes and sweeter edge. A great cup to drink all day long. Light roasts right at first crack can be a little grassy but doesn’t take much development past that to present a very tasty cup.


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Sale! Nicaragua Selva Negra Pacamara SHG RFA coffee beans

Nicaraguan SHG RFA Selva Negra Pacamara Washed

Regular Price $7.20/lb
Very large bean size. I always have a sweet spot for Pacamara coffees, not only are they usually huge beans (which is always novel) but they carry a very sweet versus nutty earthy cup profile which I personally love. From Selva Negra, this Pacamara is on the milder end, smooth and a little fuller bodied. Only a hint of acidity at lighter roast points. Very clean cup holding up best from a medium to dark roast. Lighter roasts have some cool jazzy acidity but do not develop the nice nutty/malty tone enough to give cool balance. Strong side of medium will make anyone happy, creamy fuller bodied malty tones with a hint of sweetness upfront. Darker roast get strong and fuller bodied with the cup attributes complimenting the roasty notes. A good cup to drink all day long.


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