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"Smoky Grey" black tea
Smoky Grey

Two classic flavored teas taste even better when blended together! Earl Grey is revered for its crisp fresh citrus peel zip, while Lapsang Souchong is famous for its highly warming liquor whose silky body is beyond compare. Put them together and you have a cup that is amazingly cool and warm at the same time, with bergamot and pine smoke aromas hinting at winter potpourri warming on a wood stove, and with a pleasing mouth-feel and mild sweet and malty tones that infuse the spirit with calm, gentle energy.

This blend of two quite different teas creates an entirely new flavor profile! With a hint of astringency adding crispness at the same time that the pine smoke mellows and warms all flavors, the mild Smoky Grey teas are very refreshing and easy to drink. The tea leaves’ rich sweet malty tones hold up the exciting added flavors and make this a delightful cup for anyone who prefers pure tea without milk, sugar, etc. A squeeze of lemon will amplify bergamot flavors, and a dab of honey will warm you up even more. For those who do like milk, this blend would be a delightful alternative in our Recipe for a London Fog (Earl Grey Latte).

Steeping Time: 3 minutes

Water Temp: 212 F

Black tea, natural and artificial flavorings

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